Harvest done and dusted

The 2015 harvest of the Gledhill Cabernet Sauvignon has been completed on Sunday 16 March. The yield was 10.51 tonnes with flavour and tannin ripeness right where we wanted them.

Day 1 Sunrise

The fruit was delivered to Belvidere winery first thing Monday morning allowing a bit of skin contact time in transit, and the grapes were crushed into 1 x 5t and 3 x 2t open fermenters. Brendon followed the fruit down to the winery and met John who was ready and waiting to receive the grapes.

Happy with the harvest, John said that “the quality of the grapes is very good and the weather conditions in the lead up to harvest were ideal for a slow and even ripening process.”


Stay tuned for further updates from the 2015 vintage.

One thought on “Harvest done and dusted

  1. It sounds like a good vintage, and I like the idea of the 20 year old vintage port! Is 10 tonnes what you were hoping for? How many litres will that produce? Look forward to hearing the next updates.

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